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Looking for the perfect gift or a unique addition to your puzzle collection? CraftHub's limited-time 70% discount on animal puzzles is the golden opportunity you've been waiting for.

Unique Animal Shaped Puzzles

CraftHub offers a diverse range of puzzles for enthusiasts. Our collection prioritizes both quality craftsmanship and a passion for animal themes. Every design reflects a true-to-life depiction of nature's beauty, from the majestic lion to the graceful swan. 

Among our products, the wooden jigsaw puzzles provide a realistic representation of wildlife, giving a tactile experience as you piece together each segment. Our 3D metal puzzles, on the other hand, present a more complex challenge, introducing a futuristic dimension to traditional puzzles. 

Each animal puzzle is not just a product; it's an experience. They're designed to assemble a piece of art on your own. Every completed puzzle becomes a testament to your dedication and patience.

Our collection is vast and varied. Our bird puzzles, fine art puzzles, and sea life puzzle designs have always been crowd-pleasers; however, our best sellers in animal-shaped puzzles have consistently received rave reviews from both the young and old. This broad appeal underscores our commitment to quality and innovation. 

Additionally, our collaboration puzzles, developed in partnership with renowned artists and designers, offer a unique fusion of artistry and challenge. They seamlessly combine modern design with classical artistry, ensuring every puzzle enthusiast finds their perfect fit. Explore our animal puzzle selection and join us in crafting collective masterpieces.

Shipping, Refund, and Return Policy

CraftHub ensures orders are sent out in 1-3 working days, each accompanied by a unique Tracking ID. Deliveries within the US are expected in 6-9 working days, while international ones can take 7-12 days. We don't have control over customs hold-ups, and some locations may be subject to additional customs charges.

If there's a need for returns, please inform us of any problems within 30 days after receiving the product. We commit to replacing items with defects, absent components, or subpar quality. Products damaged or lost due to customer mishandling are exempt from returns or replacements. Start your return process by contacting Items should be in their original state and packaging for eligibility. For reimbursements, a purchase proof is mandatory, and upon approval, it can take 2-7 working days. Non-returnable items include those already used or incorrectly ordered by the buyer. Return shipping fees are shouldered by the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Animal Wooden Puzzles

What kind of wood are the animal puzzles made from?

CraftHub's animal puzzles are precision-crafted from the finest sustainable wood sources. We are dedicated to ensuring each puzzle boasts durability, a smooth finish, and an environmentally friendly footprint. The choice of wood not only ensures longevity but also offers a warm, natural aesthetic that complements the intricate designs of our animal puzzles.

Are the animal-shaped puzzles unique to CraftHub?

At CraftHub, we take immense pride in our distinct and exclusive animal puzzle designs. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to originality, ensuring that when you choose our puzzles, you're getting a product and an exclusive and unmatched puzzle-building journey that sets us apart in the market.

How many pieces are in each animal jigsaw puzzle?

CraftHub's animal puzzles are designed with varying complexities to suit novices and dedicated puzzle aficionados. Depending on the design and challenge level, our puzzles range in pieces: smaller designs boast around 70 to 80 pieces, while our expansive, more intricate designs can have anywhere between 120 to 150 pieces, providing a tailored experience for every enthusiast.

Do the animal puzzles come with a guide to assist in assembly?

Yes. CraftHub ensures every puzzle enthusiast has a seamless building experience. Therefore, every one of our animal puzzles is paired with a detailed assembly guide. These step-by-step instructions are designed to provide clarity and enhance the joy of assembling your unique art piece. Your crafting journey is our priority.

What are the dimensions of these animal puzzles?

The dimensions of CraftHub's animal puzzles differ depending on the design. Typically, they can range from A5 sizes to larger A3 designs. We ensure diversity to cater to different preferences. Each product's specific dimensions are mentioned in its description for easy reference.

How long does it take to assemble one of the wooden animal puzzles?

The time to assemble our woodenanimalpuzzles varies based on design complexity. Novices might spend 2-3 hours on smaller puzzles, while larger and more intricate designs can engage enthusiasts for 4-5 hours. Regardless, CraftHub ensures a delightful crafting process that challenges and entertains. The journey is as fulfilling as the completed artwork.

Why are the animal-themed puzzles so heavily discounted?

CraftHub values its community of puzzle enthusiasts. Our discounts aim to make our top-quality, animal-themed puzzles more accessible to everyone. By doing so, we hope to share the joy and therapeutic benefits of puzzle assembly widely, fostering a greater appreciation for art and craftsmanship in our cherished community.

Do you offer any other designs besides the animal-themed puzzles?

Yes. While our animal-themed puzzles are popular, CraftHub boasts diverse designs. From captivating fine art and intricate bird motifs to mesmerizing sea life patterns, our collection caters to varied tastes. Our special collaboration pieces, created with renowned artists, also bring unique artistic visions to life through puzzles.


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I ordered 9 puzzles and got right to work on them once they arrived (wanted to make sure all the pieces were there before I give them out as gifts). Excellent communication & service CraftHub … I will definitely be ordering from you again and will recommend you to others.

- Carole

These puzzles are amazing !!! the attention to detail is fantastic and each little piece is artwork in its own right. Great for gifts or just to do at night to wind down instead of digital devices. Due to the size, A5 they are easy to take away on holidays as well.

- Tara-Lee Williams

Product appears to be as ordered; haven’t worked with it yet but seems perfect. Excellent customer service. Prompt reply to my questions and response to my response. Amazing!!

- JoAnn VanderWerff

I Love this company!! Beautiful puzzles made with quality wood. My 8 year old grandson completed the puzzle and it was a nice challenge for him!

- Kathleen


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