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Craft Hub was founded in 2019 by Isabelle and Pierre, parents of three kids in Montreal, Canada. Craft Hub is the answer of a very important question for parents: “How can we find creative and fun activities to recommend our kids to play”? Especially in a world where kids are so easily confronted with video games portals. Isabelle and Pierre thus came up with the idea to create a store that would provide games enhancing the creativity of their loved ones. 

While the store initially targeted kids, adults progressively became the main customers of the store as they do were looking to satisfy their quest for creativity. After all, creators have no age! Craft Hub is now present on three continents and is serving hundreds of creative seekers per day. We put our customers first and continuously create ways to please them with new products and new concepts. 

Join our community and lead the quest for creativity with us at Craft Hub.

Creatively yours, 

The Craft Hub team

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