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The pieces are wooden and laser cut into unique shapes and images. The pieces are interesting and fun, even before you start to put the puzzle together. The puzzle itself is vibrant, sturdy.

- Vanessa R

They have sturdy, substantial, uniquely shaped pieces. The colors are vibrant and inspirational. Kid loves it. I expect the puzzle will last a long time after many uses.

- Mike Leonard

Took a good chunk of a day to do and it was fun the whole time: beautiful shape, marvelous artwork, sturdy well-fitted pieces, and when they are assembled there are barely any lines or spaces at all between them.

- Kortava Fam

Over the last few years I have purchased several puzzles for myself and three more for a friend who loves puzzles. Every one of them has been extremely high quality and a joy to put together.

- Edith Meagher


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Unique Wooden Puzzles For Adults

Are you ready for some puzzle excitement? Crafthub is thrilled to introduce you to our irresistible range of 3d wooden puzzles for adults and teens alike, and the best part? They're now available at a jaw-dropping 80% discount in our Closing Sale!

Discover a world of beautifully crafted wooden puzzles that are designed to challenge your mind and captivate your imagination. From intricate designs inspired by the natural world to delightful recreations of everyday life, our puzzle collection is a testament to innovation and creativity.

But hurry, this sale won't last forever! It's your chance to dive into the world of wooden puzzles and experience the joy of assembling stunning artwork while enjoying incredible savings. Don't miss out—grab your favorite puzzles at unbeatable prices today!

At CraftHub, we've taken the timeless joy of puzzling to a whole new level with our collection of unique wooden puzzles for adults. These aren't just puzzles; they're gateways to creativity, imagination, and a world of artistic expression.

Our Mission: Crafting Artistry Without Years of Practice

Our mission at CraftHub is clear: we aim to empower aspiring artists to craft beautiful artworks without the need for years and years of practice. We believe that the joy of creation should be accessible to everyone, and our wooden puzzles for adults are a perfect embodiment of this mission.

Unlock Your Inner Artist

Our wooden puzzles are not just games; they're canvases waiting to be brought to life. Take, for example, our popular puzzle, "Galaxy Butterfly." As you piece together this intricate design, you'll find yourself immersed in the cosmos, creating a stunning masterpiece one wooden piece at a time. The beauty of our puzzles is that they don't just challenge your mind; they also unleash your inner artist.

Another favorite among our customers from our animal puzzle collection is the "Majestic Lion" puzzle. With its regal design and meticulous craftsmanship, this puzzle transforms into an actual work of art when completed. The sense of accomplishment you'll feel as you connect each piece is unparalleled. It's not just about solving a puzzle; it's about creating something extraordinary.

Quality That Speaks Volumes

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Each puzzle is crafted from sustainably sourced wood, ensuring its longevity and minimal environmental impact. The precision of laser cutting also ensures that every piece fits seamlessly into place. In addition, we at CraftHub take pride in our eco-friendly materials, making our puzzles safe for all ages.

Join the Puzzling Revolution

So why choose our wooden puzzles for adults and teens? Because they're more than just puzzles; they're your passport to artistic discovery. With CraftHub, you don't just solve puzzles; you craft masterpieces, leaving friends and family in awe as you proudly declare, "I made it myself."

Shipping, Refund, And Return Policy

We want your shopping experience with CraftHub to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Here's everything you need to know about our Shipping, Refund, and Return Policy:

Returns, Replacements, and Refunds

If you receive a wooden puzzle that's damaged, has missing pieces, or exhibits poor craftsmanship, don't worry. CraftHub is here to make it right. Just remember to report any such issues within thirty (30) days of the delivery date. We'll promptly replace the item for you.

If, for any reason, you wish to return your order, we've got you covered, too; just ensure that your item is unused and is in the same condition as when you received it. Additionally, returns are not possible in cases where a customer has made a mistake when ordering the goods.

However, please keep in mind that we cannot replace or refund items that have been directly damaged, broken, or lost after delivery. For any replacement requests due to damage, missing pieces, or craftsmanship concerns, please email our dedicated customer service team at support@craft-hub.com.

For more information, refer to our Returns, Replacements & Refunds page.

Shipping Details

We're on a mission to share our products with the entire world, and that means we ship worldwide, no exceptions! Most of our orders are delivered in about 7 to 12 business days to main countries. Also, when your order exceeds $60, you'll not only benefit from complimentary shipping but also receive a valuable tracking number. For more information, refer to our Shipping page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

What kind of wood are the puzzles made from?

Each puzzle is meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced wood, ensuring not only its longevity but also a minimal environmental impact. Moreover, we take pride in using eco-friendly materials, making our puzzles safe for all ages. This means that our puzzles are crafted with care, using non-toxic materials, ensuring that they're not only kind to the environment but also child-friendly for your peace of mind.

Are the wooden jigsaw puzzles unique to Crafthub?

Absolutely! Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are one-of-a-kind treasures you won't find anywhere else. What sets them apart? It's the distinctive cut, unique pieces, high-quality materials, and precise laser cutting that ensure perfection in every detail. But it's not just about precision; it's about passion. Our dedicated team of craftsmen pours their heart and soul into creating puzzles that are not only visually stunning but also an absolute delight to solve.

How many pieces are in each wooden jigsaw puzzle?

The number of pieces in each wooden jigsaw puzzle depends on the type you choose. We offer a wide range to cater to various skill levels and preferences. For a puzzle that's just right for a quick challenge, we have options with 70 to 80 pieces. If you're ready to dive into a more complex masterpiece, our puzzles come in 120 to 150 pieces. But the variety doesn't stop there. We also offer puzzles with 90 to 110 pieces for those who seek a middle ground and even more intricate ones with 160 to 200 pieces for true puzzle connoisseurs. The choice is yours, and the adventure begins with your selection.

Do the puzzles come with a guide to assist in assembly?

We want your puzzle-solving experience to be enjoyable and stress-free. That's why each of our wooden jigsaw puzzles comes with an image that reveals what the completed masterpiece will look like. This reference picture ensures that you have a clear vision of your goal as you embark on your puzzle adventure, making the assembly process smooth and satisfying.

What are the dimensions of these wooden puzzles?

The dimensions of our wooden puzzles vary depending on the type you choose. We offer a diverse range of sizes to suit your preferences. Some of our puzzles can range from a substantial 10.9 inches by 10.9 inches, providing a generous canvas for your puzzle-solving skills, to smaller dimensions like 10 by 11 inches for a more compact challenge. And for those seeking even more compact options, we even offer puzzles as small as 4 inches by 7.7 inches, amongst others.

How long does it take to assemble one of the adult wooden puzzles?

The time it takes to complete one of our adult wooden puzzles varies depending on the puzzle you choose. It's all about the complexity of the design and the number of pieces. For some of our puzzles, you might find yourself immersed in the assembly for 2 to 3 hours, creating a satisfying challenge for an afternoon. On the other hand, more intricate puzzles can offer a longer journey, taking around 4 to 5 hours to complete. For more detailed information about the estimated assembly time for each specific puzzle, we recommend referring to the individual product pages.

Why are the puzzles so heavily discounted?

Our puzzles are produced in-house. Therefore, by eliminating middlemen and focusing on direct production, we can offer our valued customers unbeatable prices without compromising on quality. In addition, we're clearing our inventory to make room for exciting new arrivals. From 3D wooden puzzles to 3D metal puzzles, this is your opportunity to grab these puzzles at heavily discounted rates during our final sale.